Exploring The Streets of Alfama, Lisboa, Portugal On My 27th Birthday

This year I traveled solo to Lisboa, Portugal for my 27th birthday.

I decided to do a wine and food tour on the day of my birthday. To say it was a gem of a day would be an understatement!

Thanks to Treasures of Lisboa for the wonderful service, authentic connections and laughs. Ruthy, owner of Treasures of Lisboa Gourmet Shop, was the best tour guide and provided so much history, education and background on all the local businesses and restaurants we attended on the trip.

From tasting several wines made in Portugal, to meeting other solo travelers visiting the beautiful city of Lisboa, the day was everything I needed it to be.

But… before you set out on the day, be sure to wear your most comfortable walking shoes and clothing.

On the tour, you’ll meet Ruthy and the rest of your group at Largo Portas do Sol, and see a gorgeous view overlooking the city of Alfama and the Tagus River. The tour takes place in Alfama, where you’ll have the chance to eat like a local and experience the real smells, taste and sounds of Lisboa. Alfama is the oldest neighborhood of Lisbon, and is filled with Fado music, narrow streets, and tasty authentic Portuguese food.

My favorite wine I had on the tour was the Vinho Verde made in the most Northern part of Portugal. On the tour you will also taste yummy cheeses from different parts of the country, chouriça (Portuguese chorizo), Villa Das Raihnhas from Patria Rustica, and tapas that will pair great with all of the distinctly different drinks you’ll try!

This tour is definitely one you want to experience as the different stops are all chosen from Ruthy, a Lisboa local. She really focuses on highlighting all small and local businesses on the tour, and they were all beautiful, and tasty in their own way.

Everyone on the tour was either smiling, laughing, or chatting it up with another person on the trip… I highly recommend as a must if you ever travel to Lisbon. I can’t speak on future tours, but the people who attended this one were so charismatic and lovely! if you travel solo, you”ll absolutely meet another solo traveler, Lisboa local or groups + people who will share their recommendations and travel stories.

After the trip ended, I went to dinner at A Baiuca in Alfama, and listened to a Fado singer serenade a sweet woman who lived above the restaurant.

So much goodness was felt on this birthday, I am so grateful for these experiences and everlasting memories.

Thank you Lisboa for the love you’ve given me so far.

More to come, very soon! My trip is far from over, and I’ll definitely have more to share.

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