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This past weekend I finished reading the memoir, Finding my ALEGRIA, written by a beautiful soul and Founder and CEO of Alegria Magazine, Davina A. Ferreira. 

Davina writes a captivating piece where she is very personal on many different topics and shares with her readers how alegria (joy) saved her life. After every chapter, readers have the chance to answer a few questions and apply the reading into their own lives, my favorite exercise was on page 23, where she allowed us to experiment with the principles for creating lasting alegria in our lives (spiritual revelation, creation, giving, connecting with nature and forgiveness). It’s safe to say I definitely found alegria in this read (and a few tears). 

Even before reading her book, this woman’s story had inspired me and touched my soul. I had the privilege of meeting Davina on my first day of work two years ago, when my boss at the time set up a meeting with her at a cute cafe in Downtown Los Angeles. Davina gave us both a copy of the latest Alegria Magazine edition and I kept that copy on my desk from that day on. 

I know her story will touch the lives of many, she is so raw and honest with her readers in sharing moments of her personal life, moments that transcended her soul and allowed her heart to heal. It is definitely not easy to share with the world, but her story will awaken others, I applaud her and hope one day I can do the same. 

Davina is a creative, entrepreneur and a powerful Latina who is focused on educating young people about mental health and addiction, healing the lives of others through creative writing and healing arts like yoga and meditation. 

Reading Davina’s story inspired me to continue doing what I love, we owe it to ourselves to follow our passion and take part in anything that sparks our alegria. She encountered difficulties along the way and served as a beautiful reminder for me, as sometimes we can be our worst critic and all we need to do is rediscover ourselves and our purpose in life (she speaks on this in the chapter, The process of rediscovering myself). Davina’s words are loving, positive and hopeful. 

“My hope is that Finding my ALEGRIA can inspire it’s readers to become more compassionate towards themselves and others, who may be suffering in silence so we can help heal each other. It is also important to stay informed so we can help ourselves and family members or loved ones, who may be suffering in silence. No one should suffer alone.” -Davina

Davina Finding My Alegria.jpeg
Photo Credit: @madfaithphotography

With the launch of Finding my ALEGRIA, Davina is currently visiting schools, women’s centers and non-profits where most students are of Hispanic descent and is teaching teens about mental health awareness and addiction prevention. 

“There is a lot of work to do in our community to bring awareness, education and also hope for those who may be struggling and don’t know where to being or seek for help,” said Davina. 

As she continues with her volunteering efforts, her goal is to reach 1 million teens worldwide. Davina purchases yoga mats and journals for all the centers, schools and non-profits she visits, 100 percent of the profits completely goes to her efforts. 

I say this genuinely and whole-heartedly, please take some time to read this delightful book, Finding my ALEGRIAbecause we all need a little more alegria in our lives and as Davina says, “la vida sigue” (life continues).

Thank you for sharing your story with us! 

Xx, Isla

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