How To Intentionally Give Back This Holiday Season

Whether you are looking to give back this holiday season with your time or donations, there are a list of charities and organizations to choose from!

This holiday season, we can give back in many ways. 🤎

🛍Donate to your local food bank.

Research where your local food bank is located and it’s hours of operations, and drop off your donations. You can also find your local food bank here: Feeding America network!

❤️Volunteer your time or donate to a charity of your choice.

Have you recently volunteered, or has a special organization sparked your interest? You still have some time this holiday season to either volunteer your time, or donate to a favorite + new organization doing good work.

💌Write a letter to a loved one.

This holiday season, write a letter of gratitude for someone special in your life. It’s definitely a special treat to receive a handwritten note during this time of year!

🙏🏽Express your gratitude.

Express your gratitude to those closest to you, a message/ note of gratitude and act of kindness truly can make a difference in someone’s day.

🥳Support a small business by purchasing product/ service and leave them an online review.

We all have small businesses we can support in our local communities. Take a long drive this weekend and find a coffee shop to support – grab your long awaited holiday drink during a solo weekend trip, or on a mid-day work break.

🧘🏽‍♀️Take care of your mental health.

Go on that nature walk. Spend a little extra time reading. Drink lot’s of water! Whatever makes you connect to your soul: do more of that. It’s a busy time for everyone, and our mental health still matters durin g this busy, festive season.

🚗Create a memorable experience for your friends/ family.

The gift of experience can bring so much joy to your friends and family. Take a road trip to your favorite holiday destination, or purchase tickets to a holiday event!

☺️Acts of kindness truly make a difference!

If you do decide to donate your time or money this season, here are a few organizations making a different this holiday season:

✨Better World Books: consider going through your overstuffed bookcase and donate a few titles to Better World Books, either through the mail or at a drop box. Books will be resold by the charity to to help fund nonprofit literacy organizations that teach children, build schools, and fill libraries.

✨Operation Blessing: offers ongoing, strategic relief—both domestically and abroad—after a disaster through core programs like health and medical care, hunger aid, and clean water. 

✨Compassion: sponsor a child in poverty, your sponsored child will be linked directly to you. You’ll have the chance to write letters to your child, no matter where they are located in the world!

✨Union Rescue Mission: provides food, shelter, education, counseling, and long-term recovery programs to homeless people on Skid Row. Consider donating to this charity or volunteering your time this season.

I’ll be sharing more organizations in the next few days, please feel free to share any organizations you’re connected to + donating to this season. 🤍

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