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Staying motivated throughout a regular workday can be a breeze on some days, and a challenge on others.

On days where your to- do list is extra long, tasks aren’t as enjoyable and the waiting game for the weekend can feel never ending, implementing mindfulness in your daily work can make all the difference in your productivity, mood, health and spirit.

Meditation + Gratitude Practices

If your workplace has a meditation or quiet room available, take 10 minutes out of your day to practice meditation in a space where you can relax in silence without the necessity of having to be on your phone or computer. Some of you might believe that you don’t have the luxury of ever leaving your desk, but a simple 10 minute meditation session can improve your emotional well-being and productivity in profound ways.

Headspace, Insight Timer, Calm, Stop, Breathe & Think and Aura are all great meditation apps that offer meditations on different topics ranging from stress, compassion, anxiety, anger, focus and more.

Practicing meditation regularly can increase your focus, promote a sense of peace, help with stress, anxiety and depression and give you the rejuvenating energy you are looking for in your day to day.


The two most powerful words you can speak into existence are “I am.” Affirmations are phrases that offer emotional support, encouragement, inspiration and motivate us to use positive, forward thinking.

I am healing my spirit.

I am strong and courageous in everything I do .

I am radiant and graceful.

Also, affirmations can be more than a simple “I am” statement. Examples of other affirmations are: I let go of all toxic and destructive thoughts, Today my light will shine through in everything I do and Each day is filled with infinite blessings.

The key to affirmations? Stay consistent with the practice and don’t feel discouraged if you don’t necessarily believe the affirmation to be true in your life at the given moment you recite, journal or meditate on it. Start your mornings with affirmations and end your day with a positive affirmation, mantra or devotional that will fill your heart and spirit with love before you go to sleep.

If you’re having an off day at work where you’re not in a great headspace, gratitude is not on your mind and you might feel anxious, bitter and tired, take a sticky note and write an affirmation that will bring you joy, comfort, ease and gratitude. This simple action will bring you the positive energy and motivational mindset you need to finish off the day strong. You can even do this at the comfort of your desk or in a quiet, peaceful space in your office.

Take a break in nature

On some days meditation will bring you peace during your short break at work, other days you will need a positive affirmation to turn your day around and sometimes simply working or taking a quick break outside in fresh air can make all the difference.

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There are many health benefits to spending time in nature, a few include improved short-term memory, lowered stress and blood pressure levels, reduced inflammation and improvements in your sleep. Spending time outside can also help with seasonal depression, restore your motivation, increase your productivity/ creativity and support your mental well-being.

Take a break outside – your mind matters and taking care of your mental health will ultimately cultivate increased productivity, foster meaningful relationships and give you some much needed fresh air.

Whatever your profession might be, a job is a blessing and it’s important to not only recognize a blessing, but also stay grateful through all challenges.

Mindfulness connects us to gratitude and an attitude of gratitude is necessary to enjoy our work everyday.

Sending you all love, have a blessed week!

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