Soul Sesiones Affirmations

Affirmations are a beautiful way to remind you of everything you are in this exact moment. The only place that matters, the present. Although you might be struggling with pain and a number of challenges, expectations and fears, your life matters.

At some point this weekend I want you to check-in with heart and soul and recite the following affirmations. This exercise will only take five minutes, but you can extend it to however long you need.

Remember, our life is a result of our daily habits, actions and words. Live your truth and start working on cultivating love, compassion, healing and peace in your life. You deserve this and more!

Affirmation #1

Affirmation #2

Affirmation #3

After you have recited these affirmations, take a moment to sit in silence and reflect on the words you have recited. Love, joy, soul, spirit and healing are the words mentioned in these affirmations.

Take this mindfulness exercise a bit further and write down in your journal/ piece of paper what these words mean to you. I’ve listed a few questions below to help you start thinking, but feel free to write whatever comes to mind if that feels more comfortable to you.

Reflective Journal Questions:

  • How do you practice self-love?
  • Do you practice self-love often? If not, what changes do you need to make to practice self-love daily?
  • What does love mean to you?
  • Do you say the word love often?
  • Write down all of the people you told I love you to this week?
  • How will you connect with your spirit and soul this weekend?

These questions will help you connect to your heart and allow you to practice compassion and self-healing in your life. One of the most important components to self-healing is connecting to your heart and cultivating growth in your spirit.

May you love parts of yourself more and more everyday and spread love to those around you. The love we hold for ourselves is important, but we must give love as much as we receive love.

Wishing you a weekend of love!

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