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Happy June! Welcome to Soul Sesiones. I hope you are having a wonderful start to a new month, a fresh start to reach new goals and continue working on yourself while you’re opening your heart to more love and more life.

I am currently reading the book the Motivation Manifesto: 9 Declarations to Claim your Personal Power by Brendon Burchard. If you are searching to reclaim your personal power in any shape or form, read this book and allow yourself to truly transcend and soar with a deeper, more profound purpose in life.

The Motivation Manifesto: 9 Declarations to Claim your Personal Power

This book covers the concepts of human nature: freedom, fear and motivation. You also dive into the 9 declarations to claim your personal power including but not limited to defeating your demons, practicing joy and gratitude, amplifying love, not breaking integrity and how to inspire greatness in your life. Lets touch on a few that inspired me to reconnect with my purpose.

Gem 1: What is the mother of motivation? Choice. Enlightenment comes when we realize that every state, emotion and mood available to us are all generated at will in our minds. Happiness is a choice, love is a choice, if we want more motivation in our lives we must make clearer choices and more deeply commit to them.

Gem 2: The first declaration, we shall meet life with full presence and power really spoke to me because this declaration reminds us that all we love of life can be accessed only now. All that we seek is here, with us and available to us in every moment, we must live in the present.

Gem 3: How can we reclaim our agenda? Clarity, direction and progress will give us a purpose that we are in command of our life. Ask yourself these questions: What am I really after in life? What do I truly want to create and contribute? What kind of person do I want to show the world each day?

A motivated person lives intentionally, with a clear purpose every morning of what they want to achieve and how they can execute their wants and dreams with heart and discipline.

Although we can be impatient from time to time, we must master the art of progress and our own motivation is what ultimately fuels our discipline each day. Check in with yourself, are your thoughts, actions and beliefs aligned with what you want to manifest?

It’s simple, but it’s a mastery that comes from within. Everyday we make a choice with our thoughts, habits and behaviors. Everything is energy. This is a mastery that we must all find, I am working on this right now, I am a work in progress.

If you haven’t already subscribed to Soul Sesiones, make sure you subscribe, that way you know when my videos go live! Thank you so much for checking in, hoping you are currently feeling radiant in your mind, body and soul! Sending you all my love. Remember this mantra this for the week: There are no limits to who I can become.

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