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Soul Sesiones | Session 13

Spring, the season of new beginnings is finally here and it is also Women’s History month, so there is definitely a lot to celebrate. Today, we’re talking about a few self care practices you can implement during the Spring season, call it Spring Self-Care  that are quick, easy and can add a vibrant touch in your day to day. Welcome to Soul Sesiones!

Spring Self-Care Practices

The first, spend more time outside, which is quite obvious and I’m sure you’ve already been taking advantage of the recent time change, but really, do something outside and take advantage of the spring air. Choose to do a workout outside, take a walk on your lunch break at work, visit a farmers market, read a book or write in your journal outside, unplug for an hour and simply enjoy the beauty of nature. I need to take some time to unplug, and personally, I am going to try and spend less time online, I need to.

Spring cleaning is always another good one, right? But how about you clean up your phone and laptop? Get rid of any apps that you aren’t using, clean up your iCloud storage, go through any texts that are filling your inbox with that unnecessary negative energy and just delete. You know you’ve been putting off updating your phone and laptop or computer, I know I have, take some time to get that sorted out, it will work to your benefit in the long run.

Simplify. Simply your life. Whatever that means to you, if it means simplifying your schedule, simplifying your time, or your diet, or however many hours you are online, again take some time to unplug and simplify. Make it easier on yourself, and choose to focus on yourself this season. Only you know what you need and only you know what simple means to you.

Lastly, try something new. Try a new workout class, go to a new restaurant, do something that makes you uncomfortable, set up a coffee date, or even try a new approach to something you have been struggling with or putting off. Spring is the perfect season to start fresh, there is no better time to start something you’ve been wanting to do for awhile than in the spring.

Those are just a few self care practices you can implement this Spring season, there are so many! But, always remember to take care of yourself, love yourself, wake up with gratitude, do your best all day, go to sleep grateful and have faith, always.

We’ve been celebrating Women’s history month all long, so  I am going to leave you with two quotes by powerful women, and they are: Spread love everywhere you go. Let no one ever come to you without leaving happier. By Mother Theresa. And “Where there is no struggle, there is no strength.” by Oprah.

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