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Social media is such a powerful tool and when used in the best ways it can connect you with beautiful souls and help each and every one of us spread our individual messages with the world. I came across Amanda Marit’s Instagram page sometime in the summer last year and I truly loved her messages on each of her posts. They included soulful words and every post had the intent of inspiring others to follow their passion and become the best version of themselves.

At a time when I launched Soul Sesiones (soul sessions) last year, her videos on social media inspired me to continue spreading love and light. Amanda is a coach based out of Laguna Beach, California, she teaches spiritual women how to use their spiritual powers in becoming powerful coaches and prosperous healers.

I had the lovely opportunity to speak with Amanda last month and she shared me with some of her insight into the work she does day to day, her journey in transitioning from working in the corporate world to becoming a coach full-time and how others too can follow their passions and own businesses of their own.

Loves, meet Amanda Marit!

Q: Where did you grow up and tell us a bit of what your journey looked like after graduating from college?

A: I grew up in Michigan, went to school for Apparel Merchandising Design and minored in graphic design/ advertising at Central Michigan University and once I graduated, I moved to Tampa, FL to start my professional career. I got a job as a technical recruiter in staffing/ recruiting and I picked everything up and moved across the country, I’ve always been an independent person. My dreams were to climb the ladder of Corporate America. I saw myself being a VP at the company I worked at, I saw so many things in store for me and somewhere along the way I started feeling like maybe this isn’t the “be all, end all.” As I climbed the ladder, I realized that people weren’t actually that happy, I could feel that and see that from my peers.

Q: When and how did you feel a transformation in your life?

A: I had a radical transformation, I started reading Law of Attraction by Esther Hicks. I really dove into personal development, learning about self-love and my own self worth. So, I started writing a spiritual blog in my cubicle at work, I remember trying to keep an eye on who was walking behind me. On my lunch break I would write blog posts and I ended up taking my blog over to Instagram. One thing led to another and people started asking me how they could work with me and support me, ultimately because of my blog. This was in 2013, back then coaching wasn’t like it is today, I didn’t even know who Tony Robbins was at the time.

Q: Did you receive any certificates in coaching?

A: I did get a certification, I got it online and I would not recommend it to be honest with you. I have always been a leader, a path paver myself and I’m like you know what, I’m going to figure this out on my own. I’ve had mentors, teachers and coaches during my time for sure and I still have a coach at the moment. I strongly believe that coaches need to have their own support as well, there’s always going to be more growth, more goals and more climbing.

Q: What does your day to day look like in your career as a coach?

A: I spend so much of my time opening my intuition and intuitive gifts to be of service to others and by sharing my own personal experience and growth, I ultimately help others grow in their lives. I teach others how to step into their own power as a coach and what it takes to become a coach. Everything has that has gotten me to this point has been through my own path paving.

Q: If someone is interested in working with you, how and where can they setup a time to talk with you?

A: Before I work with anyone, I set up a time where we can have a heart to heart so that we get to know more about each other. First and foremost, anyone who is interested in working with me can apply through my website where they can answer a series of questions and then we jump on a call and it’s very conversational and open. I will say this, to see greater transformation in yourself takes time and more than just one session, which does includes follow up sessions.

My clients really enjoy that they get to text me and voicemail me through an app in between all of our sessions which makes them feel like I’m truly in their corner all of the time. My programs are 2 months, 4 months and 6 months. Also, people can hire me for a one day, immersive experience in person where they fly to Southern California and meet with me. What’s great is I have clients all over the world, I have a client in Panama, one in London, my people are everywhere!

“GOLD is pumping through my veins.” – Amanda Marit

Q: What would you say is your favorite part of your job, day to day?

A: My favorite part is helping people, people who know that they have a big mission in the world. Lately, my favorite part has been waking up leaders on this planet who want to teach the world. My mission is helping people tap into their gifts of serving people, guide them into creating a successful, heart centered business and be a part of their journey.

Q: What is a good tip for people who want to save and ultimately want to start their own businesses?

A: I am not a traditional person in any sense, I left my corporate job without having a safety net and without having a lot in my savings. When I decided to finally leave my job I just couldn’t wait any longer to save. So, I told myself “I’m going to leave and I will be able to figure it out.” My first year full-time in my business? Well, that was well over a six figure year. You first have to believe, trust and have faith that it will work out. Make it happen! You have to show up and take massive inspired action.

When you are thinking of spending money on things, remember to think, “Does this really light me up? Like does it really, really light me up?” Or am I buying this to fulfill some sort of void? Check in with yourself and work on your abundance reality and know that a way will always be provided.

Q: What is your favorite, all time quote?

“Quiet the mind, and the soul will speak.”

The reason I love this quote so much is your mind will come up with every excuse as to why something won’t work. But, when you quiet the mind -through meditation, talking a walk, cooking, or whatever activity you love.. When you can truly tap into the softness of who you really are on a soul level, then all the answers are given to you. Each and every one of us is so powerful and it’s only the restrictions of our mind that hold us back from being that.. and remembering that!

Q: What do you like doing on your down time, when you’re not tapping into the souls of others?

A: I love taking singing/ vocal lessons, this has been my love ever since I’ve been a little girl. It’s really important for us to take time to do something we love, to fuel us back up. I’m also obsessed with the ocean, I love everything about it. Getting time to get close to the ocean recharges me, reconnects me, and my own meditation practice is very important to me. So, even when I am not working, I am spending a lot of time even further developing my intuition and connecting even further for what’s possible for me.

Want to join Amanda’s #SoulSquad? Connect with her on Instagram at @TheAmandaMarit! As Amanda says, “Be the unicorn you wish to see in the world.”

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