How to lower stress during your work break time| #SoulSesiones

Take Break Time Outside

It can be difficult to find the time to exercise or enjoy a walk outside in nature due to our busy schedules. But, have you ever considered going outside during your work break time?

During a busy day at work, taking a break time outside can make all the difference. You can take a few minutes and go for a short walk, find a quaint place to sit and either read or meditate, plug in your headphones and listen to your favorite playlist in the sun or even do a few stretches and ease any pain you might be experiencing.

You know what your mind, body and soul needs best. Many people enjoy being outside because their mood improves, they can clear their mind, they feel more grounded, a break time outside is simply the energy boost they were in need of during a busy workday.

Being outside and enjoying the beauty of nature, breathing in fresh air and admiring your physical surroundings can shift your thoughts in all the right ways and give you a new perspective and allow you to think more freely and openly.

Health Benefits of Being Outdoors

There are endless health benefits when spending break time outside, a few include improved short-term memory, lowered stress and blood pressure levels, reduced inflammation and improvements in sleep. Overall, spending more time outside is good for your mental health and can also help with seasonal depression.

It is winter and definitely a lot more chilly now, more than usual in Southern California, but this doesn’t mean we have to exclude any time spent outside, day or night. Dress appropriately, definitely plan according to the season and remember you don’t have to take a break time outside everyday. It can be once, three times or even everyday, whatever is best for you.

“Look deep into nature, and then you will understand everything better.” -Albert Einstein

Advantages of Office Plants

Furthermore, you might want to reflect on bringing in an office plant in your workspace and bring the outdoors, indoors. Several studies have shown that indoor plants can reduce stress levels in work environments. The Environmental Protection Agency estimates that Americans spend up to 90% of their time indoors. By bringing in an office plant into your workspace, you will definitely be able to enjoy the beauty of nature and experience firsthand the many physical and psychological benefits of having a plant in your office.

Popular office plants include rubber tree plants, English Ivy, Peace Lillies, Chinese Evergreen, Snake Plants and Aloe Plants. Snake plants require little special attention, Aloe plants grow easily and only require a lot of bright light and English Ivies only require medium light and an average amount of water to fully thrive in an indoor environment.

Office plants can also increase the humidity surrounding your desk, remove toxins and bad energy in the air and bring a touch of beauty in your workspace.

Are you spending enough time in nature?

It is also important to determine if you are spending enough break time outside in nature before and after work. Nature helps you feel better, think better and provides you with the needed nutrients your body needs to boost it’s immune system all-together. What is in the fresh, clean air you might ask? These unseen elements in nature are called phytoncides, a substance emitted by plants and trees, which help lower stress level hormones, anxiety, and pain.

Again, whether you go for a run and or exercise outside, take a short walk during your lunch break time, make time for a quick meditation or yoga session, or simply practice mindfulness out in nature, make sure you savor every moment! In nature also practice stillness, as stillness is a beautiful, spiritual tool we can implement into our daily lives. Quiet the mind, relax your body and stay in the present moment. Breathe in the fresh air, appreciate all of the sounds, smells, and sights you see in the surrounding space around you, like the grass, flowers, birds, sky and more.

Affirmations to read in nature

Now that you are ready to spend some break time outside, enjoying mother natures gifts to us, below are a few affirmations you can say out loud or to yourself when you are exploring outside.

  • The fresh air is healing and rejuvenating.
  • I belong here in this moment and appreciate this moment in time.
  • My heart is full of love, life and gratitude as I spend time outside.
  • I am alive.
  • I give thanks to every cell in my amazing body.
  • I celebrate my body and know that it is healed.
  • My body is healthy, my mind is strong and my heart is full.
  • I welcome health and happiness into my life.
  • I have the power to make changes that will improve my health.
  • I release any drama and replace it with peace.

For more healing mantras and affirmations check into Soul Sesiones every week.

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