Frankincense ‘N Potions | Soul Sesiones

Make your own Energy Cleansing/ Clearing Negative Energy Potion!

Happy Halloween! On this week’s Soul Sesiones we light some Frankincense Palo Santo and made our very own energy clearing/ cleansing spray to spray away all those negative vibes from our life.

There are just a few items you will need in making this spray, you will need some Frankincense Palo Santo, a lighter, a ceramic bowl, pure sage essential oil, distilled or purified water, rose petal witch hazel and a jar/container to mix it all together!

Frankincense Palo Santo

Palo Santo is a holy wood when burned; the smoke is believed to be spiritually purifying, energy cleansing and healing. Palo Santo not only clears negative energy but it raises your vibration and brings love and good fortune. It also is used to treat colds, anxiety, depression and headaches. Leave your Frankincense Palo Santo in your ceramic bowl as you’re making your energy cleansing potion, please be careful when lighting your palo santo and do not leave it unattended.

Energy Cleansing Potion

Cleansing water is truly healing because it removes all of the negative energy around you, sometimes you really need to spray away all the negative vibes. You can spray this in your room, your house, your car, your office, anywhere you need it. By spraying this cleansing magic, you will be raising the vibrations in the area to a more positive state, we all need a dose of positivity from time to time right?

Ingredients needed to make this cleansing potion include: pure sage essential oil, rose water witch hazel and distilled or purified water, it’s as easy as that!


Starting with your distilled/ purified water, fill up your container almost full leaving just a bit of room at the top. Once you have poured the water in your container, top it off with just a single pour of rose petal witch hazel, and depending on the size of the container drop anywhere from 6-10 drops of pure sage essential oil (tip: the more sage you drop in the container will determine the aroma for the spray).


This energy cleansing potion is so easy and quick to make, I actually purchased all of these items at Sprouts for less than $20. Even better, you can re-use all of these items again, use the rose petal witch hazel on your face a facial toner, the pure sage essential oil in your diffuser and stay hydrated by drinking your water.

I hope you can make your own energy cleansing potion soon and clear those negative vibes out of your life. I am definitely not a bruja, I just wanted to spread those good vibes with your and share a fun and easy tutorial on how to make an energy clearing spray at home before you go out trick or treating and have fun at your parties this Halloween.

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