Heal Yourself during today’s October Full Moon

October’s 24th Full Moon, “Hunters Moon”

Full Moons represent time for healing, there are about 12 full moons a year that serve as healing times for our mind, body and soul and the power they hold is quite magical.

A moon has several phases, a full moon is the phase in which the moon’s whole disk is illuminated. Spiritually, full moons represent times in which we can tap into our emotions and harness positive energy in calming and loving ways.

Today’s October full moon gives us a chance to reconnect with our emotions and relationships. This new moon is all about freedom, deep healing, manifestation, growth, detox and positive change.

“Everything I need to heal is already within me.”

There is much to be said about having a chance to press the restart button and focus on everything good in our life. As this full moon falls under the sign of Taurus, a sign that harvests the fruits of labor, manifesting during this period will be quite a peaceful and humbling experience. Are you ready to take the leap of faith and fully trust in yourself?

If you just answered yes , allow yourself to take the time to plant the seeds of intention during this full moon. Once your intentions are planted, it’s the labor that follows planting the seeds that will ultimately reap the harvest.

To celebrate this October full moon, light a candle and set your intentions for this season, clear your energy field by burning Palo Santo or sage in your house or bedroom, set up a group meditation with your friends and loved ones, recharge your crystals by leaving them outside under the full moon or simply align your chakras by taking a bath and enjoying a face mask during a mid week self care session.

This full moon, I want to invest more time in visualizing and accomplishing my goals and not allow fear to hinder my growth process in any shape or form. The following mantra will serve as my guidance this season,

“When I am true to myself, I align with my purpose.”

Reflection has always been my safe haven, I often find myself getting lost in my thoughts and reflecting on things I am proud of, progress I’d like to make and moments of daily gratitude and appreciation. Although I do a lot of reflection in my day to day, full moons allow me to connect with my soul in new ways and focus on aligning my soul in every aspect of my life.

However you choose to celebrate today’s full moon, remember to take a few minutes to breathe. Breathing in itself is a powerful act that can bring such deep healing and should not be taken for granted. Focus on short, simple breaths and align your inhales with your exhales.

Give thanks to this beautiful life you are blessed with, release your past and allow forgiveness to enter your life, welcome health and happiness into your life everyday and let go of anything that no longer serves your energy.

Happy full moon!

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