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Wordaful Live x Liz Hernandez x Becky G

On September 29th, Wordaful Live founded by Liz Hernandez, featured special guest, Latin popstar, Becky G for a session of inspiration, life reflections and career successes. This live session featured topics like the importance of family, being fearless when following your dreams and the power social media plays in our lives.

Wordaful is a video series where Liz Hernandez showcases the power of words and the importance of how they are used. Becky G was her first Wordaful guest in her videos and spoke on what the word familia meant to her.

“Familia is everything. It means love, forgiveness and strength. When I think of this word, I think of home. My family will always be home to me. Familia brings happiness and relief for me. I feel I am my happiest when I am spending time with them,” said Becky G.

Familia, known as family in English was also the center of conversation for this Wordaful Live. Becky G shared with the audience her close relationship to her parents as a unique bond, one where she feels blessed to have her parents also be her best friends.

Although Becky G might only be 21, she in fact considers herself an “old soul.” Having traveled the world and achieved international fame at such a young age, this young woman is grounded, humble and excited to continue growing and sharing new music with her fans.

Success definitely didn’t come easy to this remarkable young woman, she started working at the age of 9 to help support her family as she was the oldest of 4. As many children are thinking about what new toys they want at age 9, this woman wanted to help support her parents in any way possible.

Years later, Becky G is absolutely slaying life, performing for thousands of fans in arenas all over the world. Many would say she has achieved the definition of success, Becky G made sure to note that keeping a balance in the things that keep you happy allows for success to not only enter your life, but stay there while you’re grinding and hustling everyday.

“Make a list of things that make you happy, things that don’t make you happy and realize how many of those things you have. I think finding your balance in the things that make you happy on a soul level, on a human level. Whether it’s writing in your journal and setting short term goals. Having a healthy diet and having coffee during my meditation time is a good place to start,” said Becky G.

Hearing Becky G’s story brought out laughter, smiles and loving energy from the crowd. I have attended a few other Wordaful Live events in the past and always end up leaving refreshed with a lighter heart and mind. Liz Hernandez embodies grace, positivity, love and inspiration. She has been a role model of mine for many years, thank you Liz for sharing your wisdom with us. Hearing your positive words on social media has truly impacted my heart and mind in so many ways, as Wordaful reminds us to appreciate the words we speak into existence.

This Wordaful Live was extra special as I was able to hear advice from such talented, inspiring Latina women which gave me a visual reminder of what hard work, determination and patience can bring. Remember, “nothing can dim the light that shines from within.”

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